Hugo Launches the First Meeting Notes Platform to Bring Teams Closer to their Customers

Hugo allows fast-moving business teams to make meeting insights shareable and actionable within their existing tools

San Francisco-based productivity software company, Hugo is taking action on a problem businesses have been overlooking for years – the potential for meeting notes to align teams around their customer. Hugo announced the public launch of the first true team meeting note solution.

Designed for fast-growing, customer-centric companies, Hugo uses meeting notes to connect teams with key customer insights, regardless of whether they were a part of the conversation. Recognizing the crowded landscape of tools used across most companies, Hugo integrates with Slack, Salesforce, Trello and many other applications to offer teams a way to increase sharing while decreasing their post-meeting workload.

With Hugo, teams can record and share while making meeting notes actionable. For example, with just one click, a simple meeting note can automatically update everyone in a team chat app like Slack, log a CRM activity and create tasks in project management software like Asana— all by simply recording meeting notes within Hugo.

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Josh Lowy
Josh Lowy

“Today, meeting insights are fragmented. Unless your entire organization is present for every customer conversation, you may end up with one small piece of the puzzle,” said Josh Lowy, CEO and Co-Founder of Hugo.

Josh added, “Hugo makes it simple for organizations to stay aligned and responsive to needs and opportunities by allowing teams to develop a company-wide understanding of what matters most.”

Brad Lindenberg
Brad Lindenberg

The secure platform syncs with your calendar, prompts teams for their notes, and turns those notes into team updates and actions in other tools. It automatically links notes to contacts and companies in the meeting, allows agendas to be created and shared and features templates that ensure consistency and that the necessary information is captured.

“Hugo guarantees your whole team stays connected and aligned with a real-time feedback loop — whether your team is on a different floor or in another time zone,” added Brad Lindenberg, Chief Strategy Officer at ROKT, one of Hugo’s early adopters.

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