The Hackett Group Oracle Digital Transformation Platform Reaches Broad-Based Customer Adoption

Oracle Digital Transformation Platform Successfully Links Value and Best Practices to Cloud Deployment

The Hackett Group, Inc.has reached mainstream adoption of its Oracle Digital Transformation Platform (DTP), with more than 100 successful DTP solution applications deployed at clients since its formal release in October of 2018.

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DTP is an edge SaaS solution that integrates The Hackett Group’s benchmarking data and best practices with Oracle’s suite of applications. Using DTP, Oracle and The Hackett Group are working together to help customers identify performance gaps, address those gaps, and improve the speed and effectiveness of their Oracle application implementations.

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“We are thrilled to see the adoption and effectiveness of the DTP solution,” said Scott McHale, Oracle technology leader for The Hackett Group. “We are truly realizing the vision of DTP as our leading-edge product for Oracle. More than a tool, DTP is fast becoming our primary backbone for our client’s Oracle cloud adoption priorities, transformation roadmap and value creation.”

Jason Balogh, Executive Vice President, continues, “We expect the adoption of DTP to only increase exponentially as more and more organizations embrace Oracle cloud technology as a core lever in their digital transformation journeys in 2020 and beyond.”

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