Southport Capital Shortens The Road to New Business With iFOLIO® Digital Platform

Southport Capital, a wealth management leader serving clients across the United States for twenty-five years, has launched the iFOLIO® platform to connect with customers better and faster.

iFOLIO® platform delivers private digital portfolios that bring to life a solution for buyers who expect more in this digital age. Unlike business cards and presentations that get lost in the shuffle, iFOLIO provides a personalized digital story through a custom link that is private. In an age of essential customer experience, iFOLIO bridges sales and marketing.

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Chief Revenue Officers and Chief Marketing Officers are shifting budget into more sales-driven content solutions to deliver a better buyer experience, improve the sales execution process, and win more business.

Michael Mooney, partner and senior portfolio manager at Southport Capital, and a retired United States Marine Officer with Oppenheimer Capital and Harvard corporate management program credentials says, “iFOLIO differentiates by providing a personalized digital introduction to Southport Capital’s value including both our process and analytics.”

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iFOLIO® delivers personalized digital experiences that lend to brokered relationships and successful results. iFOLIOs links can be shared from a phone screen and anyway you share a link, no application or membership required.  Patent-pending analytics and automated reporting into CRM solve crucial needs for sales, sales enablement and marketing teams.  The iFOLIO® Metrics Database shows customers have shortened time to deal, resulting in increased sales from 10% – 100%.

“I am thrilled that Southport Capital is utilizing iFOLIO® to enhance customer introductions, build solid relationships, and grow its business,” says Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO, iFOLIO®.

iFOLIO’s new technology reverses CRM with a patent-pending digital portfolio platform that connects customer experience, data, CRM reporting, and patent-pending content usage analytics into one fluid business platform delivered in the Cloud.

Currently, iFOLIO® based in Atlanta, Georgia has a patent pending digital engagement platform with solutions for Enterprises, Education Service Providers, and Sports firms, and thousands of users in 58 countries.

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