A Revolution in Marketing: TriggersⓇ and Wharton Prof Announce the Brand ConnectomeⓇ

Triggers, the growth strategy firm that has created more than $2 billion in revenue for iconic Fortune 100 brands, has teamed up with a Wharton Neuroscientist to announce a revolution in marketing.

In an article published by Knowledge@Wharton, Triggers founder Leslie Zane and Wharton Professor Michael Plattexplain that they’ve discovered “the key to changing subconscious brand preference: the expansion of a brand’s positive associations in customers’ memories to the point that it becomes an automatic, involuntary choice.”

At the core of this discovery is the Brand ConnectomeⓇ, a mini-network of associations composed of every memory a customer has of the brand.

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Zane and Platt’s work builds on the discoveries of Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman, who determined that the human mind has “shortcuts” that overtake the decision-making process. “Now, we have found that what lies within this shortcut is a dynamic network of associations and memories,” they write. “Every brand has one.”

“The implications are vast, unseating many sacred cows that marketers have relied on for decades,” they explain. And consumers’ purchasing decisions “are much more malleable and easily influenced than many brand leaders realize.”

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In a conversation with the Knowledge@Wharton podcast, Zane and Platt discuss what this means for brand growth; how to build a robust Brand Connectome; how to replace negative associations with positive ones, and much more — including why Apple and Samsung users have such different relationships to those brands.

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