DiscoverOrg Recognized as One of the Nation’s Top Training Organizations

Elearning Magazine! And Calliduscloud Honor Leading Sales And Marketing Technology Provider Based On The Extraordinary Value Customers And Employees Realize From Discoverorgs Commitment To Training And Development

DiscoverOrg, the world’s leading sales and marketing intelligence provider, has been doubly honored by ELearning Magazine! and CallidusCloud as one of the nation’s top training organizations. ELearning Magazine! recognized the company as a 2017 Top 100 Learning Organization, and CallidusCloud named DiscoverOrg the top training program and team among all of its Litmos customers.

In both cases, DiscoverOrg was specifically recognized for developing a learning culture that extends internally and externally. The results are award-winning employee engagement and extraordinary ROI for customers. In fact, research completed in 2016 demonstrated that customers who participate in DiscoverOrg’s comprehensive onboarding program saw an ROI 600% higher than customers that did not.

Henry Schuck
Henry Schuck

“We’ve worked hard to create a culture of continuous learning and development – it is literally the foundation of our approach every day,” said Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO. “I’m incredibly proud that both CallidusCloud and ELearning Magazine! have recognized the value that DiscoverOrg’s deep commitment to training brings to both our customers and our employees.”

In August, DiscoverOrg announced that it had acquired Rainking in a cash transaction to further solidify the company’s position as the world’s leading B2B sales and marketing data provider. By acquiring RainKing, DiscoverOrg has strengthened its position in delivering the most accurate intelligence that 4,000 sales and marketing teams use to accelerate pipeline and revenue growth. As per the latest information, the support and service for all RainKing products will continue uninterrupted.
John Stanfill, RainKing CEO, said, “Our vision for RainKing has always been to build the world’s most accurate database to drive our customers’ growth. By joining forces with DiscoverOrg, we will realize that goal more quickly and more effectively than we would have independently.”
Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg CEO, said, “The path to rapid revenue growth is paved with highly accurate, actionable, and predictive sales and marketing data, and the combination of RainKing and DiscoverOrg means that our joint customer base has access to an extraordinary portfolio of data, contextual buying insights, and predictive intelligence. We are building a company that is to sales and marketing intelligence what Salesforce is to CRM.”