Marketsmith Buys Back i.Predictus

Sole Female Ownership of Patented Marketing Tech Benefits All Clients

Marketsmith Inc., the nation’s fastest-growing, women-owned, data-driven integrated marketing agency, has repurchased all the remaining i.Predictus stock from its original investment team, bringing its ownership of the marketing software company to 100 percent.

Monica C. Smith
Monica C. Smith

“For a woman-owned software company to buy the majority of its stock back from investors in under three years is virtually unheard of,” notes MSI CEO Monica C. Smith. “Not only did we repay their initial stake, our backers received a return on their investment.”

Full ownership represents the culmination of incorporating the i.Predictus data service platform into Marketsmith’s unique I.P.Q. Approach, an acronym for Intelligent Predictive Quantifiable, for each of its clients.

Jill Draper
Jill Draper

“I.P.Q. is a never-ending loop of data ingestion and insights that combines the best of data science with human ingenuity,” notes Jill Draper, president, MSI.  “It is where science meets soul.”

I.P.Q., powered by the embedded i.Predictus tech stack, can predict future sales with 93 percent accuracy and has successfully run through more than $1Bn of MSI’s client media spend.

Draper notes that Marketsmith’s proprietary tools and technology stack give the agency the data and analytics to inform every decision, from strategy to media to creative.

“Smart marketing no longer exists without the right technology. That’s why our I.P.Q. Approach will be part of every client’s omnichannel strategy,” Draper says. “We believe it provides our clients with an edge they can’t get at a traditional media or creative shop.

I.P.Q. allows Marketsmith to have a competitive advantage no other media marketing agency has.  The quality of data analysis, combined with predictive outcomes is available to every client the day they sign with the agency.

“Marketsmith is the front-runner for all emerging brands that want to challenge and win in their respective markets,” emphasizes Draper. “We are fast becoming the market leader in real-time data visualizations, attribution and transformative media buying.