New Winning Proposals Service from Onvia Gives Companies a Unique Competitive Edge

Onvia’s Winning Proposals Give Business Development And Marketing Strategists Access To Competitive Insight On The Decision-Making Criteria Behind Awarded Contracts

Onvia, the leading provider of sales intelligence and acceleration technologies for businesses selling to the public sector, announced the availability of On Demand Reports: Winning Proposals. Winning Proposals give business development and marketing strategists a unique competitive edge by revealing detailed insights into government agencies’ decision criteria for awarding contracts. With this service, new and existing Onvia clients gain visibility into competitors’ proposals, price, specifications and bidding approach, allowing them to refine their public sector go-to-market strategies.

Winning Proposals Remove the Mystery Around Winning or Losing Public Sector Bids


Companies selling to the public sector need visibility into agency decision criteria and the competition’s bids but don’t often have the resources or processes in place to capture such insight. With Onvia’s new Winning Proposals service, companies can gain access to detailed materials associated with a given solicitation including all submitted proposals, the awarded bid, the final contract and the agency’s scoring criteria.

“We find that when we have a better understanding of an agency’s scoring criteria we’re able to increase our success rate and win more government contracts,” said Trisha Moore, Marketing Area Fleet Manager at General Motors. “Understanding what the competition is submitting in their proposals is an incredible advantage unique to doing business with the public sector.”

Each time a new or existing Onvia client requests a Winning Proposals package on a given government solicitation, Onvia will identify agency contacts and policies, initiate requests under the agency’s defined procedures and follow-up accordingly in order to obtain the proposal materials and related documents. Onvia’s years of expertise requesting such information from agencies, coupled with established agency relationships, ensures a high success rate and makes it easy for companies to execute on these often complex requests.

Onvia Does the Heavy Lifting While Vendors Gain a Competitive Edge and Refine Strategies

Companies will occasionally trigger such requests on their own, making use of the Freedom of Information Act to submit FOIA requests. However, these companies often say the process can be time-consuming and onerous while also leaving a potential negative impact on relationships with their government agency customers. Companies that use Onvia’s Winning Proposals service can save the time, costs and effort of going on their own, while also preserving their anonymity with the agency.

With Winning Proposals, business development and marketing strategists can:

  • Save Time and Costs: On average, companies attempting their own FOIA requests consume 5 to 10 or more hours of work, averaging $400 per hour in legal fees.
  • Maintain Anonymity: Onvia will initiate the FOIA request to an agency on a client’s behalf, preventing any negative association among agency buyers.
  • Access Scoring Criteria: Vendors can better understand the agency decision-making process and purchasing habits with visibility into scoring criteria and competitive bids.
  • Refine Strategy: Winning Proposals provide detailed information on awarded contracts that can be used to refine bidding strategies.

“Winning Proposals empower strategic sales, marketing and business development professionals with the information needed to accelerate their public sector sales growth,” said Ben Vaught, Director of Onvia for Government. “Increased transparency helps vendors increase their win rate and deliver even more value to government organizations and the people they serve.”

“With detailed information like this, we’re able to plan ahead and gain a competitive advantage with a better presentation when the agency seeks bidders on projects relevant to what we offer,” said Moore.

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