London Stock Exchange Soon Welcomes Successful Web Analytics Company, Fastbase Inc.

Successful software company Fastbase, Inc. is preparing to join the London Stock Exchange as one of the fastest growing web analytics companies in the world

Fastbase, Inc., built upon Google’s platform, has gained enormous success with its B2B web analytics and lead generation software that identifies and provides valuable information on company web traffic. The popular extension to Google Analytics has created enormous value for both Google Analytics users and Google Ads’ customers. Fastbase analyzes the digital footprints of 6 billion web visitors every month and delivers millions of quality leads to over 1,000,000 companies and top brands every day.

Much of the company’s success is due to development of the world’s largest and fastest-growing business database that get updated with new information every minute. “We have put in a lot of time and resources into developing software that can retrieve and organize business information from all the websites in the world in almost real-time. Fastbase, Inc.’s comprehensive database of company information makes it possible for businesses to identify their web visitors from any company worldwide,” states Rasmus Refer, Founder and CEO of Fastbase, Inc.

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Fastbase, Inc.’s growth was overwhelming in 2018 and the company is expecting subscriber growth to continue to over 200% in 2019. Fastbase, Inc. is providing enormous value to a market that is seeing exponential growth and needs lead generation and web analytics support. “Today more than 1,000,000 companies and top brands are using our software to optimize their marketing and sales activities. Currently, we are getting company website sign-ups every minute. Our goal is to support two million companies, top brands, and online agencies by the end of 2019.

During 2019, our goal is to set a new standard within a term we coined ‘Leads Relationship Management,’ launching a brand-new lead generation platform that the market has never seen before. The new lead generation platform will be the most powerful tool on the internet that can tell exactly who your potential customers are today, tomorrow, and even can predict into the future. Our new leads report is build up by advanced algorithms and analyzes billions of website visits, billions of Google searches, and billions of clicks on Google ads, in real-time.” concludes Refer. The new lead generation platform is fully compatible with the leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and other applications using the Zapier app. The new platform expected to launch in mid-May 2019.

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Fastbase is led by a strong management team in Copenhagen, including Rasmus Refer, CEO and Founder of Fastbase, Inc. Refer previously co-founded a global search engine in the 90s and is the co-founder of WikiSoft Corp. (OTC: WSFT). Allan Fenger, previously part of Skype’s success story, manages both interface design and branding, which he now leads at Fastbase, Inc. Lastly, Henrik Carstensen, formerly Client Service Director at Ogilvy (Ogilvy & Mather), directs all customer-facing activities.

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