Moxian, Inc. Releases New Version Moxian+ App

Moxian, Inc., an offline-to-online (O2O) integrated social media platform operator, today announced the release of a new version, Version 3.0.8, of its Moxian+ User App and Business App (the “New Version Moxian+ App”) with new features and functions, an improved user experience and a newly added agency management platform that the Company expects will provide it with a new stream of revenues.

On the user end, the New Version Moxian+ User App now allows for the redemption of Mo-Point and Mo-Coin with a broader choice of merchandise. We also integrated a new payment gateway, giving users more options to make purchases on our platform.

On the business end, the New Version Moxian+ Business App now features a new agency management platform, allowing us to recruit and manage new agents and collect agency fees as a new source of revenue across different geographical regions both in China and in Southeast Asia. We also enhanced our billing and accounting system and added a refer & earn referral program for merchants.

“We are excited about the new release of the Moxian+ App. With these new features and functions, we expect the new App to give both our users and merchants a much improved experience, allowing us to improve the stickiness of exiting users and merchants and attract new users, merchants, partners and agents,” commented Yijun Yin, Chief Executive Officer of Moxian, Inc.

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