Access Point, Inc. Partners With Connected2Fiber to Leverage the Connected World SaaS Platform

Connected2Fiber, a SaaS platform built for the connectivity and cloud infrastructure industry to improve the ability to connect, has signed an agreement with Access Point, Inc., a complete business communications provider offering multiple services nationwide. Access Point, long known for its strong technology reputation, is enabling The Connected World from Connected2Fiber platform to improve the speed and effectiveness in their go- to-market process.

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Access Point will leverage Network Finder, an enablement tool with the ability to profile, locate and view the network connectivity by location, including the capability to identifying ILECs, CLECs, MSOs and on-net and near-net fiber providers in seconds, built by Connected2Fiber leveraging more than 6 billion data points.

“We pride ourselves in delivering innovative, best of breed technologies to our clients and are excited at the network intelligence offered with the addition of The Connected World,” says Mike Newkirk CTO of Access Point.  “The implementation of Network Intelligence will enable us to more effectively design, execute and deliver competitively-priced services with our partners for every location, accessing location details on over 2,000 networks across the United States.”

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“We pleased to partner with Access Point, Inc., and are confident that the deployment of The Connected World platform will accelerate their ability to find the best network partners for the complex multi-location opportunities Access Point is known for solving. Enabling them to remove the difficult and labor-intensive processes involved with identifying multiple carriers, in multiple locations to solve for SD-WAN and other bids,” says Ben Edmond, CEO of Connected2Fiber.

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