Aerospace Pioneer Beau Jarvis Joins Phase Four as Chief Revenue Officer

What’s the ROI in Space? If anyone knows, it’s Beau Jarvis, who joins Phase Four after building up critical early revenue streams for NewSpace notables Planet and HawkEye360

Phase Four, a best in class provider of electric radio frequency (RF) thrusters for in-space propulsion for micro and small satellites, named Beau Jarvis as its chief revenue officer. Jarvis, an early veteran of the NewSpace era, brings more than 20 years of geospatial air and space experience to Phase Four. His focus will be to execute the company’s go-to-market strategy and drive customer value and revenue growth.

Jarvis’ career trajectory over the past 20 years has spanned across almost every major phase of the private aerospace industry’s recent transformation. From the sector’s early progress in producing more frequent, higher-quality earth imagery data from space, to the diversification of the cost and size of satellites, to catalyzing advances in how to provide these new fleets of mega-constellations with new levels of control and maneuverability, Jarvis has anticipated and led efforts at some of the industry’s most influential companies.

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After his first job with LiDAR and digital mapping service provider, Terrapoint, and his subsequent role at Trimble Navigation, where he led the Americas Geospatial Division sales region, Jarvis was recruited by earth-imaging company Planet Labs to be its first sales executive. During his time at Planet, Jarvis was tasked with refining  product features, business plan, and revenue generation for the raw earth imaging data collected by Planet’s initial microsatellite constellation. After three plus years at Planet, Jarvis joined HawkEye360, a cutting-edge developer of small satellite technology, as its chief revenue officer, leading early sales and marketing efforts. He will now lead sales and new business development activities as he and Phase Four address the unmet industry need for an affordable small satellite propulsion system that can be manufactured at scale.

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“Looking back over the last two decades, I’ve been lucky enough to ride the crest of some of the most exciting and promising technology innovation waves within the space industry. We’re now at a point at which the market has matured enough to give way to this next growth phase, where technologies like Phase Four’s reduce balance of system costs and enable mass production and deployment of low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations,” said Jarvis. “One of the things that sets Phase Four apart is its focus on building the right product for the commercial side of the business, and I look forward to helping the company generate significant revenue as it enters its next phase of growth.”

“Beau is a crucial addition to Phase Four’s executive team as we focus on bringing our mass-produceable technology to market,” said Simon Halpern, founder and CEO of Phase Four. “His incredible track record of helping to grow some of the most successful companies in the sector will be invaluable as we address the next big need for LEO constellations — namely, a cost-efficient propulsion system that can be mass-produced at scale.”

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