Atento’s Digital Solutions Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Efficiency Across the Value Chain of Banks and Financial Services Providers

  • Atento presented at Fintech Americas 2018 its CRM/BPO solutions for the banking and financial services sector
  • The Company’s offering for the sector encompasses a wide range of solutions from marketing and lead generation to back office solutions, including digital solutions such as 100% digital sales and 100% digital collections among others
  • Atento’s solutions are customized to serve the specific needs of retail banking, B2B and investment banking, loans and credit companies and insurance providers

Atento S.A. (NYSE :   ATTO), the leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the top five providers worldwide, has presented in Fintech Americas 2018 its wide range of business process and customer experience solutions serving the banking and financial services sector. Fintech Americas, celebrated in Miami the 6th and 7th of September 2018, is the annual meeting point for the banking and financial services community facing digital transformation.

The increasing digitalization of our societies brings significant disruption to the banking and financial services industry but also great opportunities to enhance customer experience and increase efficiency across its value chain. Atento helps banks and financial institutions unveil de full potential of digital with end to end solutions customized to the needs of the industry.

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In this year edition of Fintech Americas, Atento featured its credit origination management solution for retail banking. A 100% digital solution that shortens the time of the credit origination and approval process, improve efficiency of the workflow and delivers significant cost savings for the bank. Atento’s offering of digital solutions designed specifically for the banking and financial service industry also includes:

  • end-to-end online sales solution supported by analytics, to manage an entire credit card sales cycle for retail banking, from client attraction (including lead collection, enrichment and analysis) to sales conversion and after sales, combining digital marketing and omnichannel customer care
  • semantic-technology based solutions to manage in real time customer engagement through social media, enabling monitoring of customer sentiment, root/cause analysis and automatization of customer management
  • digital collections solution enabling credit recovery through digital channels as well as traditional channels enhanced by business intelligence tools and analytics

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These solutions are part of Atento Digital´s financial services offering. Atento Digital integrates digital marketing tools, automatization of front and back office customer processes and a robust omnichannel platform to generate efficiency and results for customer´s acquisition, management and retention. It also provides solutions to advance digital transformation processes while making the most of existing systems. Atento Digital´s mainstream offering encompasses a range of services including online sales, digital customer care, digital technical support and digital collections, all delivered through Atento´s omnichannel platform integrating traditional and digital channels. Atento´s digital offering also includes consulting capabilities and the use of analytics and automatization tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of customer related processes.

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