Bectran Announces New Cloud Platform Capabilities to Deliver Accounts Receivable and Collections Management to Credit Departments

Bectran B2B Credit Management Cloud Solution Reinvents How Organizations Evaluate and Approve Credit, Manage Accounts Receivable and Automate Collections All From a Single Platform

Bectran, Inc., the leading B2B credit management SaaS platform, announced today the additions of Accounts Receivable and Collections Management capabilities to its platform. With these additions, the Bectran platform now offers a one-stop solution to credit departments in small, medium and large-scale companies. The Accounts Receivable and Collections Management solutions will help companies speed up their cash collections, resolve billing, invoicing, payment and other credit issues and ultimately lower incidences of credit defaults and minimize collections costs.

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Bectran aims to continue to significantly lower costs of credit operations and accelerate the order-to-cash cycle for companies through the digitization and automation of everyday credit management tasks. “Great software is a smart, intuitive and easy-to-use solution to everyday practical problems. This principle has been at the core of the Bectran platform’s solutions engineering. With the Accounts Receivable and Collections Management additions, we sought to create a solution that delivers quick, tangible and measurable results through automation and a set of easy-to-use functionalities,” said Louis Ifeguni, CEO and founder of Bectran.

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Bectran Accounts Receivable and Collections Management Capabilities:

  • Pre-Collections Management. The Pre-Collections Management solution helps companies to significantly cut down on the cost of collections by engaging their customers in the early stages of the billing and payment cycle, and thus pre-empting payment-hindering issues. This solution offers companies a set of preferences for automating early identification of potential issues with current invoices and providing options for resolving those issues before the invoices are past due for payment.
  • Invoicing, Billing & Payments. This is a Self-Service online portal that empowers companies’ customers to manage their invoices, resolve billing and payment disputes, provide documentation and schedule electronic payments of their invoices. This solution is a valuable extension of the Accounts Payable department and helps companies and their customers lower transaction processing costs and improve customer retention.
  • Flexible Payment Plans Structuring and Execution. A set of tools that helps companies structure and execute flexible and mutually beneficial payment plans with their customers. A mutually beneficial payment plan helps companies lower the cost of defaults, improve cashflows and achieve better customer retention.
  • Accounts Receivable Disputes/Issues Management. This solution helps companies identify and resolve issues that could delay payments from their customers. Be it pricing, product, shipping or process issues, companies are able to identify, capture and resolve these issues in a transparent, timely and efficient manner.
  • Portfolio Organization & Analytics. This enables companies to organize and analyze their Accounts Receivable by several risk metrics. The risk metrics provide valuable insight into credit performance at different levels of aggregation and thus create an effective platform for quicker responses to changing market conditions.
  • Collections Management Process Automation. Comprises a set of configurable execution strategies and APIs that automate everyday collections management tasks. The Automation process tracks, measures and reports execution outcomes and provides options to re-adjust strategies to maximize Collections Effectiveness.