Carew International Announces 2019 Sales Training and Sales Leadership Training Schedule

Carew International, a leading sales training provider and Top 20 Sales Training Company as ranked by Selling Power magazine, has announced its open enrollment sales training and sales leadership training schedule for the coming year:

2019 Carew Open Enrollment Sales Training Schedule

February 19-21               

Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
Cincinnati, OH

March 25-26                    

Excellence in Sales Leadership (ESL)
Jacksonville, FL

June 18-20                      

Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
Cincinnati, OH

October 22-24                  

Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
Cincinnati, OH


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Sales training to lift the performance of your entire sales team.Carew International’s most popular sales training program, Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS), is a 2.5-day workshop designed to dramatically improve the planning, communication, selling skills and confidence needed to improve closing rates and strengthen existing business relationships. Sales professional participants will leave with:

  • Proven process to improve position with customers
  • Defined framework for expanding opportunities with existing customers
  • Superior presentation process
  • Method for handling objections
  • Ongoing access to reinforcement tools

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Excellence in Sales Leadership (ESL) is a 1.5-day workshop designed to transform sales managers into sales leaders by equipping them with proven tools and methods for maximizing the potential of every person on their team. Participants learn how to engage and motivate team members, create an environment for success, get the most out of individual temperament and talent, and foster greater commitment among their sales team members. Program participants will leave with:

  • Proven method to assess performance levels, remove barriers and prescribe solutions
  • Defined problem-solving model
  • Skills and insight to provide prescriptive and actionable feedback
  • Relationship-building skills that cultivate productive, long-term relationships with team members
  • Tools and skills to inspire maximum performance and commitment

Carew International specializes in customized training to support company-wide performance improvement in sales, leadership and customer service. Open enrollment sales training events such as these allow individuals from a variety of organizations to experience Carew’s incomparable training programs firsthand.

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