Connected2Fiber Improves B2B Account Targeting With the Launch of Market Explorer

Connected2Fiber, a leading cloud platform built for the connectivity industry, announced today the launch of their newest module, Market Explorer. Integrated into The Connected World Platform, Market Explorer strengthens the account targeting efforts of network providers by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in a given market.

Providing users with the ability to answer critical business questions in real-time that require deep, trusted location intelligence opens up a variety of compelling use cases for the new module, including more accurate sales targeting to maximize revenue and sales acceleration as well as optimization of product pricing down to the building-level.

Users of the module are able to tailor search parameters for any location, or set of locations, such as the number of tenants in a building, the revenue of those tenants, number of employees, and network spend levels. Retrieval data is focused on the three key dimensions of geography, buildings, and tenants to enable optimal flexibility and context in the search process. Campaigns and prospect targeting lists can be saved with named tags, extracted to drive sales and marketing activities.

Ben Edmonds
Ben Edmonds

“We are thrilled with the capabilities that Market Explorer provides to our customers. The module leverages our trusted, authoritative intelligence on locations to drive more efficient and effective targeting for network providers,” says Ben Edmonds, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “The granular filtering and search capabilities of this module will help identify high-yield target businesses for marketing campaigns or sales team prospecting and further demonstrates our commitment to building a product that our customers use to drive growth.”

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The Market Explorer module represents one of many modules that Connected2Fiber has built to help customers drive growth through more effective revenue generation activities, focusing on network operators’ ability to manage locations, drive deal participation, and improve targeting.

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