Fincons Group Appoints Amir Lavi as Head of International Sales

Amir Lavi will support the Group’s sales and business development in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific

Fincons Group, IT business consulting company with 35 years of experience in the IT industry, announces the appointment of Amir Lavi as Head of International Sales, with the purpose to support the Group’s sales and business development activities in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Further to recent expansion in the UK and the USA, Fincons is strengthening its business, reaching out to a broader range of companies and carrying out key innovation activities in new territories and continents.

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Graduated in 1989 at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), Amir Lavi started his career as General Manager and Director of International Marketing for Israel’s leading market research and consulting company Gallup Israel. He then joined Admon Communication Group as a Managing Director. After several years leading sales activities for technology companies with the aim to develop sales and business efforts in the media market throughout Europe and US, he joined Sintec Media in 2006 as Vice President of Sales for APAC and Europe, after several years was appointed President of Sintec Media Americas. In October 2018 Amir joins Fincons Group as Head of International Sales, inside the International Business Development Team.

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“Amir’s excellent management skills and understanding of business processes in different sectors and geographies are perfect to support Fincons global expansion,” comments Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of Fincons Group and CEO Fincons US. “His appointment further consolidates our international commitment and boosts Fincons’ business which spans many sectors and countries. Most importantly, I have already had many successes with Amir at Sintec Media over the past 10 years: trust is the cornerstone to building a solid and exciting future.”

Michele Moretti: “Our internationalization is driven by two key principles: on the one hand the acquisition of new clients and the need to maintain our high growth rate – things that drive any successful and growing business – on the other hand, the ongoing need to scout out innovation and to spread our distinctive skills. Thanks to Amir’s international background, the company is definitely improving its business in several countries, starting from Europe, where we are acquiring new interesting clients and projects for example in Germany and France, up to the USA and to the vivid and prolific areas of Asia-Pacific.”

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