Gubagoo Announces Virtual Retailing Solution for Automotive Dealers to Sell Cars through Facebook Marketplace

Gubagoo enables a full car buying experience on Facebook

Gubagoo, a leading provider of conversational commerce solutions for automotive dealerships and OEMs, announced Gubagoo Virtual Retailing, a new digital retailing solution that is completely integrated within Facebook.

In less than 30 minutes, customers can build a deal and get approved financing for a vehicle that a dealer has listed on Facebook Marketplace. The buying process is initiated when a person inquires about a vehicle they see on Marketplace by sending a message in Messenger. Once in the conversation, the customer can tap on the “Buy Online” button to calculate payments, value their trade-in, apply rebates, accessories and F&I products, and submit a credit application for online approval – all within Messenger.

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The customer’s entire deal is created online and includes 24/7/365 support from Gubagoo’s certified F&I agents who will help guide the customer and answer any questions through Messenger.

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“We are investing heavily in integrating with Marketplace and Messenger to bring the car buying experience online,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo. “Gubagoo Virtual Retailing in Messenger allows us to go beyond high-quality lead generation and close deals, freeing up dealers to focus their efforts on in-store customers. Dealers can also watch a live deal as it’s happening, jump into a chat with the customer, desk a deal on the fly and send it to the customer. It’s powerful stuff.”

In addition to the integration on Marketplace, Gubagoo Virtual Retailing also integrates with the dealerships’ website.

Gubagoo Virtual Retailing will be sold as an add-on solution to Gubagoo’s ChatSmart advanced live chat solution. Virtual Retailing will also complement the company’s other solutions including Text+ for inbound/outbound texting and Publisher for behavior-based offers and incentives.

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