Infobip Enables WhatsApp Business for Enterprise Communications

The early access launch of WhatsApp Business will onboard businesses and financial institutions to WhatsApp gradually, through a review process, assuring quality and value for both enterprises and end users.

By introducing WhatsApp Business, Infobip enables enterprises to expand customer-oriented communications to WhatsApp. Businesses can offer personalized dialogue and communications including media content, high-resolution images, text, file and document sharing.

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A mid-sized to large business can, once customers opt-in, utilize WhatsApp Business for a wide range of customer-centric messages and inquiries including booking confirmations, flight status updates, banking transaction alerts, bonus card status info, activation codes, and payment reminders to name a few.

Cardekho – a popular Indian car portal helps its car buyers with anything from insurance, financing and car research – relies on mobile communications for engagement and dialogue with their customers.

“Infobip enabling WhatsApp Business could help Cardekho in a prominent way. It is important for any consumer brand to always engage with impact. With WhatsApp Business and its rich communications capabilities, any online service or retailer has the potential to enhance their services and brand to include anything from providing product information and supporting account needs to sharing quality photos, all within WhatsApp,” said Amit Jain CEO of

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Infobip’s CEO Silvio Kutic anticipates the launch of WhatsApp Business shifting the digital landscape of mobile enterprise communications.

“The grand impact of WhatsApp Business will allow companies, banks or organizations, participating in the early access program, communicate with their audience on a chat app they are already enjoying. Infobip is enabling this communication in an efficient, convenient way of supporting enterprises to scale their communications, grow brand loyalty and fuel engagement so vital in today’s business world. Messaging channels are key to our clients’ engagement with customers, and with 60+ offices around the world, Infobip is well-equipped to onboard enterprises to one of the most widely used communications channels on earth,” said Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip.

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