John Varvatos Rocks the eCommerce Experience with Salesforce

International Luxury Brand, John Varvatos, Delivers an Immersive, Personalized Retail Experience with Salesforce

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced that John Varvatos, the renowned, international design house, is using Salesforce to deliver a luxury retail experience in-store and online.

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Inspired by rock music and the eclectic style of musicians, John Varvatos launched his namesake brand in 2000. Today, John Varvatos represents an entire men’s lifestyle brand with each store being a focal point of the great music, creativity and innovation. In order to bring the essence of the in-store experience to its ecommerce site, John Varvatos turned to Salesforce.

“Creating an experience that tells the story between music and fashion is a core part of our brand,” said John Varvatos, Owner and Founder, John Varvatos Enterprises. “With the help of Salesforce, we have been able to deliver this aesthetic online. Now, our customers can have an immersive, personal experience online just as they would in-store.”

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John Varvatos’ digital transformation with Salesforce is powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling it to deliver an immersive and connected experience online. For example, customers are able to virtually connect with an in-store stylist via video and messaging chat. Additionally, John Varvatos is deploying two new technologies ahead of the holiday season:

  • Commerce Einstein—Search and product recommendations powered by artificial intelligence enable John Varvatos to surface the most relevant products and search results to each individual customer. For example, if a customer is purchasing a great leather jacket, they will also receive recommended items that pair well with that jacket, based on the customers’ choice in jacket, their past purchase history and more.
  • Page Designer—With many different capsule collections and exclusive partnerships—including past collections like Game of Thrones, JV x Nick Jonas and more—John Varvatos will now be able to quickly spin up brand new webpages for any collection. With just a few clicks, merchandisers can simply drag and drop merchandise items, content banners, carousels and more to create a unique digital storefront on the already existing ecommerce site.

“The most powerful luxury retail experiences today artfully blend brand values with advanced technology to bring customers on a unique journey, whether they’re in a store or online,” said Alex Dayon, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. “John Varvatos is known for its dedication to rock-inspired design, and with Salesforce they’re creating a truly innovative and authentic shopping experience for their customers, wherever they are.”

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