Latest Report Answers to “Do Sales Need to Push The Technology Content Engine?”

Content Marketing Institute Releases New Research on Technology Content Marketing

Technology content marketers face a more complex audience journey and marketing/sales process than other industries since many people in distinct roles often influence a tech purchase. That’s why 68% of tech content marketers said that creating content that appeals to multiple roles is their top challenge. That’s one of the key findings in the new Content Marketing Institute research report, Technology Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, sponsored by IDG Communications, Inc.

“Tech content marketers definitely feel the challenge of the complex decision-making process they face with clients,” explains Kim Moutsos, VP of Editorial, Content Marketing Institute. “We found this among content marketers who consider themselves very/extremely successful as well as the group as a whole. Despite this, a full 75% say their organization’s content marketing is more successful compared with one year ago, which is exciting to see.”

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Other Key Highlights:

  • Technology content marketers seek feedback from sales: 80% of technology respondents say sales team feedback is the top technique they use to research their audience for content marketing purposes.
  • Content for existing customers is a priority: 82% of technology marketers agree their organization is concerned with creating content that builds loyalty with existing clients/customers.
  • Email/Email campaigns are key to nurturing: The top content marketing method technology marketers use to nurture their audience(s) is email/email campaigns (92%). Educational content came in second at 79%.
  • 62% are concerned about changes to SEO/search algorithms: The top reported content marketing issue of concern is changes to SEO/search algorithms (62%). The number two concern? Content marketing as a revenue center (48%).

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