MDacne Partners with AskToPay for Revolutionary Sales Solution for Teens

Digital dermatology and skincare company, MDacne, integrates AskToPay’s retail technology for facilitating teen payments.   

AskToPay, the teen’s gateway to online payments, is proud to announce a new partnership with dermatology company MDacne. MDacne provides customized acne treatment kits with digital assessments, and since teenagers make up a large part of their clientele, the AskToPay technology facilitates payments perfectly for their target market.

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AskToPay was awarded as one of Mastercard’s startup of the year, and this announcement sparked the interest of online businesses looking to expand their sales channels. AskToPay’s technology allows teens to complete their purchase at MDacne by sending their parents the payment request, with no need for parents to download any App or open accounts. Upon checkout at MDacne, the teen clicks on AskToPay as their payment method. A selfie video camera opens on their phone, and the teen has 15 seconds to convey to their parent why they are asking for the chosen products. The teen then “shares” the link with their parents via any messaging channel like WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook Messenger. The parent receives the link, which upon opening, displays in a clear and organized manner, MDacne’s website name, the video request, the price, and the selected items for purchase. The parent then approves the purchase and completes the payment details. View video here*

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This organized payment approach appeals to the teens because it’s so simple to use, and parents enjoy the control of online purchases without wasting time. For the merchants, the advantages are obvious: significantly increased conversion, upgraded UX, and the reduction of chargebacks and disputes.

“Providing our teens with digital assessments in order to formulate the perfect treatment to their unique skin condition is our mission,” says Oded Harth, CEO of MDacne. “We take it one step further by giving them an easy and comfortable outlet for payment with AskToPay, showing them that their needs and their business are important to us.”

“Today, numerous teens visit eCommerce sites on a daily basis without the ability to complete a purchase,” says Avihai Michaeli, CEO of AskToPay. “We’re happy to give MDacne the payment technology that will advance their business. Likewise, we feel privileged to enable a whole new sales channel that teens can actively utilize.”

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