QC Ware Raises $6.5 million Series A Financing for its Cloud Quantum Computing Software Service

Lead investors Citi and Goldman Sachs position company to accelerate the application of quantum computing in global enterprises

Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson

“We welcome Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Fenox as investors and look forward to helping enterprises leverage the power of quantum computing to remove computing bottlenecks and accelerate their businesses,” said Matt Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of QC Ware.

QC Ware is a pioneer in enabling enterprises to use algorithms designed for quantum computers on multiple quantum hardware systems, by providing access through a single software platform developed by QC Ware.  The company has a world-class quantum engineering team that applies quantum algorithms to key enterprise use cases. This financing allows QC Ware to further expand QC Ware’s quantum cloud computing software offering.  Unlike quantum computing companies that are focused on hardware, QC Ware is developing software solutions that run on any quantum hardware.

“We are excited to support QC Ware’s vision of offering a single platform to access all types of quantum computing hardware, and QC Ware’s expertise in quantum algorithms complements Citi’s domain expertise,” said Bill Hartnett, Managing Director of Market Infrastructure Investments at Citi.

QC Ware’s current customers and partners include leading financial services companies, aerospace prime contractors, automotive OEMs, power utilities, and multiple government groups. The company counts Airbus Ventures as one of its early and major investors.  Luka Tomljenovic, Investment Partner at Airbus Ventures, commented: “QC Ware is helping many industries harness quantum computing technology for a wide range of potential applications. The aerospace industry is full of computationally complex problems, and we are excited about QC Ware being a catalyst for solving them.”

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