Seismic Deepens Partner and Product Ties with Microsoft

New educational and go-to-market initiatives underscore continued product integration success

Seismic, a global leader in sales and marketing enablement, today announced that the company has strengthened its relationship with Microsoft in both go-to-market efforts and product integrations.

First, Seismic will be a sponsor and exhibitor at Microsoft Ready, the company’s annual internal marketing, technical and sales kick-off event. Seismic will be showcasing a host of new product features at the event, including those built on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Cognitive Services functionalities.

Seismic is also now a prime exhibitor in the Chicago Microsoft Tech Center, showing how Seismic’s integration of Microsoft technologies benefit large enterprises. Additionally, the company’s offerings are now included in the Microsoft Technical Solution Professionals demo environment in the Americas, providing direct visibility into integrations for prospective Microsoft buyers.

Finally, Seismic sponsored a webinar with Microsoft for customers in late Q1 on the theme of artificial intelligence and financial services. The webinar is the first in a series of co-marketing initiatives designed to educate the market on the how new and innovative technologies are helping marketing and selling teams be more effective at their jobs.

“Having such a strong relationship with Microsoft, which shares a passionate commitment to success when it comes to making enterprise marketers and sellers more effective at what they do, has been a huge benefit for Seismic,” said Doug Winter, Seismic co-founder and CEO. “Whether it’s through pursuing joint customer education initiatives or a steady stream of new product integrations, Seismic and Microsoft have made great strides in recent months. We look forward to seeing what we can continue to produce together in the near future.”

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Integration excellence

The deepened go-to-market relationship between Seismic and Microsoft has sprung out of long and fruitful product ties with business applications created by Microsoft. In fact, one of Seismic’s marquee offerings, the dynamic content personalization functionality LiveDocs® technology, is built on an innovative application of the Microsoft Office 365. LiveDocs componentizes each specific area of a document so that individual pieces, like a logo, or customer name, is automatically connected back to the source of that information, whether it’s being held in separate Excel spreadsheets or a CRM. When a change is made to the source material, it is automatically reflected in all documents containing that material. With this structure in place, LiveDocs makes the creation of highly personalized and on-brand content incredibly quick, decreasing the average creation time by 87.5 percent.

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“We pride ourselves at Lockton on exemplary customer service, and the speed at which our teams can compile customized and relevant content for customers through LiveDocs directly aligns with that mission,” said Tellye Hedrick, senior vice president and director of business process at Lockton, the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance brokerage firm. “We are always looking for innovative, intelligent platforms that make a significant impact for our marketing and sales teams and help them deliver industry leading solutions to our clients. The way Microsoft Office 365 and Seismic interact is just that.”

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