SMA Solutions Announces Their OpCon 18.1 Release with Expanded SAP Integration

SMA Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release to its business and IT automation platform, OpCon. OpCon is a workload automation solution that drives digital transformation. It is the premiere IT process automation software that integrates people, processes, and applications on every major operating system.

The OpCon 18.1 release, which is the first release to occur this year, has exciting new features and highlights within Enterprise Manager and Solution Manager. This release also features the all-new OpCon Vision SLA monitoring dashboard.  Enterprise Manager is the primary interface to OpCon, and this release includes several usability features such as improved tagging of tasks and multi-instance workflow management. In addition, across the interface all SAP screens have been updated to comply with new SAP certification requirements. Customers can create SAP variants, fully manage interception profiles and configure SAP Event Driven Automation.

OpCon’s browser interface, Solution Manager, continues to grow with rich PERT diagramming capability for operators. Some of these features include quick searching capability to find tasks, isolation of dependency chains, and filtered views that can be shared with other OpCon users.

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OpCon Vision is now available within Solution Manager, and it provides business process views and Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. The active dashboard shows a high-level summary of the automation platform revealing the health of business and IT processes. If SLAs are in jeopardy, Vision comes alive by instructing OpCon to automatically run recovery processes to put the business back on track.

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