The Evolution of Becoming an AI Company: IQPC Exchange Will Gather the C-Suite at Intelligent Automation Exchange

Following a great launch in the UK, IQPC Exchange announces the second edition of the Intelligence Automation Exchange – taking place September 26th – 27th in London. Leading brands like DHLEricssonHSBCNHSUCL, and Unilever, among many others, will come together for two days of networking and best practice. A keynote led by Principal Architect at AWS Deep Learning will discuss the modern enterprise and the evolution of becoming an AI company.

The Intelligent Automation Exchange will bring together 60 executives in intelligent automation from across the UK, to unlock the hidden business value in new RPA & AI technologies and kick-start an enterprise-wide automation strategy. With a jargon-busting, business-first approach, this event will showcase the global best in RPA & AI with exclusive case-studies and practical hands-on group sessions.

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The focus is shifting from RPA to AI

RPA & AI have really taken off in recent years and there has been lots of hype around the topic. However, there is a great disparity between companies regarding the stage that they are at with RPA & AI. A lot of companies are only just starting to put together a business plan, others have implemented one or two robots in back office processes and a few have implemented business-wide. Generally, RPA is talked about as a stepping stone to AI, although the two aren’t necessarily connected.

Now more and more companies are recognizing that RPA has not given them the capability to perform the advanced, predictive tasks they need to achieve in order to remain competitive and transform digitally – this is where AI and machine learning comes in.

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The Exchange

The Intelligent Automation Exchange is bringing together the biggest European companies to share the secrets on how they are tackling the industry’s biggest challenges. Attendees will be able to learn about innovative case studies and attend insightful discussions including:

  • UI Path will present a bulletproof system integration plan and will discuss the toolkit to help maximize the use of RPA.
  • Modern enterprise needs to embrace a new way of working. AWS Deep Learning’s Principal Architect will describe how to reshape an enterprise to be able to adopt an evolutionary process of transforming to an AI company.
  • DHL will uncover AI opportunities by sharing successfully scaled projects and present how to build an end to end model of implementation.
  • Having won a national award for their center of excellence Engie will be covering the top 5 critical success factors in the successful deployment of automation technology.

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“I enjoyed being part of the Exchange both from the perspective of presenting to the group and also hearing the insights from others about what their RPA and AI journeys involved. It was valuable to be able to understand how others had overcome common challenges.” Global Head of Payments, HSBC