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The Time to Act Is Now, Be the First in Your Market to Capture the Revenue EDGE

Calix introduces major enhancements to EDGE Insights, EDGE Suites, and EDGE Enablement, positioning service providers to differentiate with the subscriber experience

Calix, Inc.  announced major updates to its Revenue EDGE subscriber experience solution to help communications service providers (CSP) deploy and monetize new managed services that match their subscribers’ needs. The first quarterly Calix release of 2020 significantly enhances EDGE Insights delivered via Calix Support Cloud (CSC). CSC now provides enhanced visibility into subscribers’ adoption and use of the EDGE Suites, enabling CSPs to help subscribers personalize their application settings and address issues remotely, eliminating costly truck rolls and reducing churn. When combined with the EDGE Systems, CSPs can deploy the full set of revenue generating services, placing a “virtual storefront” inside every home. These new virtual storefronts will be continually updated with new services that CSPs can monetize for years to come. To help CSPs capitalize on promoting these new services, Calix also announced new EDGE Enablement programs to help CSPs leverage Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and accelerate their marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and cross-sell these new services.

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Enhancements to the EDGE Suites include:

  • ExperienceIQ: The parental control application can now set daily time limits for specific applications, enable/disable Safe Search, enable/disable YouTube Restrictions, and enable and filter a VPN/Proxy category to ensure they are not used as workarounds.
  • ProtectIQ: The advanced network security application can now add individual devices to a “Skip” list and continues to update the catalog of home network security threats it protects against.

Enhancements to EDGE Insights include:

  • Calix Marketing Cloud: This release delivers trending data and finer details on two key segments—home workers and streamers—giving marketers an increased ability to leverage CMC to tailor campaigns, helping increase take rates by up to 80 percent.
  • Calix Support Cloud: These enhancements enable customer service representatives to run real-time speed tests, providing another troubleshooting angle into subscribers’ home networks—a capability that has reduced call times by up to 50 percent.

“Calix continues to evolve its solution portfolio, giving us new ways to truly differentiate our offerings from those of our competitors,” said Gary Johnson, CEO for Paul Bunyan Communications. “With our newly branded GigaZone Blast Wi-Fi system, we are the first in our region to offer Wi-Fi 6 technology and can now deliver market leading security features. Our support teams can leverage improved tools to ensure that our members have the very best broadband experience possible. Additionally, the EDGE Enablement program has provided us with the collateral, tools and one-on-one consultations we need to bring these solutions to market faster than ever before. Deploying the Revenue EDGE has been a valuable experience for our team, and with this complete solution set and access to Calix expertise, we can move even faster as we continue to elevate the experience we deliver to our subscribers.”

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Leading CSPs recognize that to compete with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google for subscriber loyalty and wallet share, they need access to the best data and insights. Armed with these insights, a CSP can move beyond providing just a broadband connection and into understanding individual subscriber needs, including spending habits; number and type of connected devices; usage and behaviors; and home size and layout in order to deliver a tailored subscriber experience. With the increased visibility in EDGE Insights and the evolution of the EDGE Suites, CSPs are now armed to accomplish these objectives today and in the future. As Calix delivers new suites like energy management, home automation, senior monitoring, and home security, the CSP’s virtual “storefront” will continue to grow.

“The Revenue EDGE was built to enable service providers of all sizes to deliver the ultimate managed experiences that reduce churn, create upsell opportunities, and attract new subscribers by being the best in their market,” said Michael Weening, EVP of global operations for Calix. “This release is part of our continued commitment to arming CSPs with everything they need to dominate their markets. We delivered improved insights to create more customized offerings, enhanced remote troubleshooting, and provided additional services that can increase ARPU. 2020 is our CSP partners’ time to lead, and this first set of upgrades is proof that this year is going to be unprecedented.”

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