Transcosmos Powers Global Omnichannel Customer Service with Bright Pattern Cloud Contact Center

Bright Pattern, a leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact center software, helps Transcosmos provide exceptional localized customer care for international clients.

Transcosmos enables global retailers to localize their customer service and deliver support that is tailored and relevant to each market. Operating in the United StatesAsiaCentral America and South America, Transcosmos employs thousands of agents who speak multiple languages and are trained in the cultural nuances of dozens of countries and territories.

Transcosmos provides customer care through voice, chat, email, and a self-service IVR. The company needed to roll out an omnichannel agent interface for use in every call center regardless of location. In addition, Transcosmos needed to be able to open new call centers quickly and scale to add new agents in the shortest time to handle the seasonal demands of the retail environment.

Effortless and Personal Customer Service with Bright Pattern Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center

Tom Coshow
Tom Coshow

Bright Pattern delivered an omnichannel interface that puts everything the agent needs on one screen. “Using Bright Pattern has made it shockingly easy from a training and technology standpoint,” said Tom Coshow, Managing Director of Transcosmos.

Transcosmos implemented the solution quickly across its entire network so that its thousands of agents across the world could use an identical system. The cloud-based software offers clients the maximum flexibility to scale and open call centers wherever an Internet connection can be found. It also requires far less on-premises technology that would need to be upgraded constantly.

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Results from switching to Bright Pattern:

  • Reduced average agent training time from three days to just three hours
  • Increased agent licenses on the Bright Pattern platform by 500% since onboarding
  • Growth of international call centers in Mexico and Brazil to handle clients all over Central America and South America
  • Enabled agents to handle requests in chat and email as well as voice
  • Cut email handling time down to under 12 hours for most clients

This single, simple solution has a lot of benefits for Transcosmos. Despite operating in multiple locations and markets, everything is uniform. Training is simplified and maintenance can be performed centrally—updates and patches work everywhere instantly. Managing one solution across multiple territories also offers significant cost savings for Transcosmos.

“When you take an international account and localize the customer service, there are so many cultural issues to train into the agents. Having a unified interface is a huge help,” continued Coshow.

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