Vyakar Launches Lead Router for B2B Commercial and SMB Market

Available in Salesforce AppExchange, Vyakar Lead Router Is a Simple yet Powerful Lead Router for B2B Organizations, Providing Account Based and Round Robin Routing at Very Affordable Cost.

Vyakar, a leader in enterprise lead management company, announced the release of first SMB and Commercial lead routing solution on Salesforce AppExchange platform. The new “Business” edition lead router is powered by the same lead routing engine used for enterprise users, however it takes away all the configuration and complexities that SMB and commercial organizations don’t need.

Vyakar, with expertise in B2B services, launches a new edition of its lead management software product for small & medium businesses.

Advanced Routing Capabilities

With the click of a few buttons, users can define a BDR/SDR team, and route new leads to the BDR team in round robin way. Additionally, lead router matches new leads against Salesforce CRM accounts every 20 minutes, and can be configured to route new leads to existing account owner should there be a match found. Additionally, it can also de-dupe leads and keep the old or new lead records as survivor based on user preference.

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Pricing and Availability

Vyakar Lead router “Business Edition” is available now on Salesforce AppExchange for checkout with one-year subscriptions beginning at $1800 per year per organization. Discount available for nonprofit.

Additional Resource

  • Vyakar on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Learn more about Vyakar lead router Business Edition

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Free Lead to Account Matching

Vyakar’s ever popular free Salesforce AppExchange app for matching leads against account is now available through Vyakar’s website. It remains free for use, and provides a comprehensive account coverage report combining leads & contacts against account.

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